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Identity Theft Protection Buyers Guide

There’s no denying that identity theft has been on the rise in recent years. Many people find their credit rating has been ruined by identity thieves without even knowing it and we are all at risk for having our personal information stolen at any time. Whether you’re using social media networks or doing your banking online, the chance of having your identity stolen is much higher than you might think.

That’s why identity theft protection services came into existence and why they’re so important to your financial health. We’ve created a list of the top ID theft prevention companies and reviewed each of them to help you find the best identity protection provider for your needs. Whether you’re interested in simple credit monitoring or the complete safeguarding of your personal information, you’ll find the right ID theft protection service on our list and learn what features and benefits you should choose to stop identity thieves in their tracks.

How We Chose Identity Theft Protection for Our Recommended List

1) Personal Information Protection

The best identity protection companies not only monitor the major credit bureaus for unauthorized changes, but they also give you total coverage against identity theft by keeping an eye out for any use of your Social Security number, banking or credit card information, phone number, physical address, email address, and more. Our list of recommended ID theft monitoring companies includes in-depth reviews of what coverage and benefits the top identity protection companies provide.

2) Identity Theft Insurance

No one is 100% safe from identity theft, which is why we recommend only working with an ID protection company that offers funds reimbursement insurance. If you’ve signed up for one of the identity theft prevention services that we recommend using and your identity is ever stolen, you’ll be covered by up to $1 million of identity theft insurance to help you get back to normal after you’ve been victimized by an identity thief.

3) Recovery Services

Not only do the best identity protection companies provide you with stolen funds insurance, but many of them also provide you with identity theft recovery services. This usually includes 1-on-1 assistance from an identity theft specialist, document and ID card replacements, lost wallet protection, and instant freezing of your credit usage to prevent any further damage from occurring.

4) Affordable Pricing

None of us want to overpay for a service, even one as important as credit and personal information monitoring. That’s why we searched out the best identity protection pricing plans for you, and give you detailed information on how much identity theft prevention costs. Our identity protection reviews will show you the most affordable ID theft prevention options, so you can easily fit this crucial service into your monthly budget.

5) Instant Alerts and Support

Few things are as scary as having your identity stolen. Imagine logging into your bank account and finding that it’s been emptied overnight. Or opening your credit card statement and seeing thousands of dollars in charges that you didn’t make. Frightening situations like those are what make having instant fraud alerts and easy-to-use customer support so important when it comes to identity theft protection. Every provider on our list of the best identity protection services offers top-of-the-line identity theft protection support and real-time alerts to keep you informed about your financial health.